About MyTicket

MyTicket is a cloud-based Ticket Management platform that allows users to create events, sell & distribute online tickets for various events like seminars, charity programs, music festivals, conferences, among others. My Ticket can be accessed through a mobile app that can also scan printed/On Phone tickets.

MyTicket offers functionalities such as creating, tracking, promoting and distributing tickets. The solution also allows users to customize the designs and registration pages of the events for which the tickets are to be sold.


Events Listed Monthly


Tickets Sold & Distributed Monthly


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Tickets Sold & Distributed Under A Year


Unique Advantages

Ticket distribution management

Easy Payments

Easy Returns

Easy settlements

Mobile QR Scan

Business Analytics

Know Your App

My Ticket is an innovative ticketing solution with the focus to help businesses ease their ticket distribution and sales issues.

Client Speaks

Our customers have been too kind.. With good reason!

Frequently Asked Questions

Payment Failed

Most of the times you just have to reenter payment details once again. However, if amount has been deducted but you don’t have access to your purchased tickets, then you can reach out to us to ask for a refund.

Ticket Returns

If your requested tickets were not settled, you can return them to the ticket provider before the event date. To avoid missing the date, activate the Auto-Return options on Profile--> Settings. Alternatively tickets can be returned on the summary section.

Events not showing

The two main reasons this might happen is because the event host has not yet uploaded the event, another reason could be internet connectivity. Please check your connection and refresh the app.

Manage notifications

Notifications displayed are set by the ticket provider. On your phone settings it is possible to mute notifications for the app.

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